Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS)

SECUDOME C-UAS System offers impenetrable protection against the intrusion of drones by Detection and High Power Jamming of the rogue drones. The Detector and Jammer are seamlessly integrated to provide a smooth and autonomous operation without requiring human intervention. SECUDOME is one of the most advanced Anti-Drone systems in the Global market.

  • Long-Range Drone detectors to detect intruding drones
  • Dimensional, 360-degree autonomous detection, and Alert
  • Extremely long-range jamming of rogue drones
  • Seamless integration between detector and jamming for autonomous operation
  • Audio & Visual alarms and Geo-Fencing

In addition to developing high technology detectors and jammers, SECUDOME also focuses on the integration of proven products from other reputed vendors to offer an extremely powerful solution to the customer.

Electronic Warfare Range Test systems

The Integrated Electronic Warfare Trainer (INEWT) provides an advanced and cost effective approach to Electronic Warfare (EW) training with flexible programming to simulate a wide variety of Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Radar signals in a variety of scenarios. A total scenario is easily produced with the potential for extreme realism with the appropriate array of high power transmitters. Major subsystems of the system are based on existing Non-Developmental Item (NDI) technology. All subsystems are fully programmable, allowing significant parametric flexibility and repeatability during EW scenario execution.

The system provides a cost effective training solution to both the active (Radar) and passive Electronic Support Measures (ESM/RWR) sensors currently deployed around the world. When working with active sensors, the system challenges operators under training with the effects of advanced ECM on their Radio Frequency (RF) sensor system. The system will develop radar operator Electronic Protection (EP) skills to new levels of expertise and readiness. It will also ensures ESM and ECM skills are developed and tested by numerous threat emitter signatures. This process enables each operator to develop the skills needed to operate in a complex electronic environment.


Integrated EW training has become an essential program for most modern navies expecting to encounter radar-directed or radar-guided weapons. The key to electronic combat survival is the capability to train against a variety of threats, including state-of-the-art radar and ECM systems. The system can take electromagnetic sensor operators from simple signatures and EW tactics to complex signals integrated into a dynamic scenario. Features include:

Quality Benefit
Integrated System Approach System is an integrated EW system with ECM and Threat Generation capability.
Realism System uses an actual threat system, designed and optimized for a training role.
Advanced Technology Advanced digital technology ECM and radar signal simulation provide the basis of the INEWT system.
Low Risk Experience supplying EW simulator systems with both ECM and radar signal simulation capability has virtually eliminated system risk.
Flexibility Duplicate simulation functionality can provide total system redundancy for training and operations during extended periods at sea.
Expandability Its modular design allows the system to be expanded and upgraded easily.

Mixed Signal and Embedded Design

Mixed Signal/Anolog
  • Hi performance Mixed Signal Board Designs
  • Data Acquisition
  • signal Processing
  • Mixed Signal Characterisation
Embedded Systems
  • Engineering Partner
  • Dexcel Designs

Cable Assembly and Harnessing

  • Spacecraft Harness is one of the important element part of the electrical distribution system (EDS) interconnecting all the units/packages electrically to meet the functional needs of the overall mission of the Spacecraft
  • Spacecraft Harness comprises of Space/MIL grade Connectors, contacts (terminals), and wires as major elements
  • Orientation and Certification Programme comprising of three weeks on Spacecraft Harness Design, Implementation process and Qualification by URSC to the vender
  • We have required tools & necessary accessories to carry out Spacecraft Harness Realization.
  • Fabrication Worksheet records of Harness Connectors & Continuity and Isolation check Test report documents prepared
  • We have partnered with EtoE Interconnections Pvt Ltd offers Interconnect Solutions for cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, sub systems, and turn-key projects, in the area of Military, Aerospace, and Marine sectors.
Aidiall is Joint Venture between Aidin and Radiall S.A France

Capabilities of Aidiall :

  • Delivery of all types of RF cable assemblies
  • Hand formable
  • Semi Rigid
  • Corrugated Super Flex
  • RF Ultra Low Loss assemblies
  • We have all the required Test Equipment including VNA upto 20 GHz and perform almost all environmental tests at our facility
  • Using our own make/design of Connectors, Cables and Processes for seamless signal path and best in class RF performance. Full technical back up from Radiall S.A France. All operators on Ultra Low loss line are trained and certified by Radiall S.A

Offset Management

Aidin has been audited and licensed by Indian MOD for offset Sub-System Manufacturing. We have also been chosen as the Primary Sourcing Partner by major US Defense contractor for managing their India offset Programs.

  • Single point of contact serving as Tier-1 Supplier
  • Complete logistics support
  • Tier-2,3.. Vendor coordination
  • Classified as MSME for Offset Credit Multipliers

Obsolesce Mitigation

We provide obsolescence management through repair and refurbishment. Redesigning and Retro fitment is critical for Life-Cycle-Management

  • Maintain Form-Fit-Function as per requirement
  • Design simplification, enhancement
  • Newer components for life-cycle enhancement