• AIDIN is a Qualified AS9100 Rev D certified company and follows guidelines as per Quality Management System and Quality System Procedure manuals in the Design, Development and Manufacturing of Avionics products
  • Our Technicians undergo a rigorous theoretical & practical Soldering School Training based on ISRO Workmanship Quality Standards for Space Electronics Hardware for a month followed by a test conducted by URSC .Only after they qualify this Theory & Practical tests, the technician is allowed to perform wiring, fabrication and assembly of Space packages initially under the supervision of URSC/Experienced Vendor supervisor. URSC gives a Certificate to the vendor to this effect by RQEG ( Reliability & Quality Engineering Group) and this is renewable every 2 years
  • For Mechanical QC inspector and fabricator, a similar class is conducted by Reliability & Quality Assurance Mechanical systems division
  • Our new facility Class 10000 Clean room is audited and approved by RQEG to work on Space Electronics.
  • Our Assembly Area is audited by Quality Interface Group ( QID, VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram). Accreditation Certification is available for fabrication of Avionics Packages
  • Technicians undergo training at VSSC ,Trivandrum and get qualified to wire and fabricate VSSC Avionics packages
  • We are certified by VSSC to perform SMT Reflow soldering to fabricate SMT components .This is done in our partner facility CEM solutions
  • We are certified by VSSC to perform RF cable assembly
ISO 9001 & AS 9001
AS 9100 Rev D

Quality Management System ( QMS) & Quality System Procedure ( QSP) for Aerospace & Defense Applications

ISR0 Pax

Workmanship Standards for the Fabrication and Assembly of Space Electronics Packages